Videos for Munich Guide for Students

Hi friends,

I created this blog to help all international students coming to Munich. I’m also a student and also working as a internet business specialist, so it’s not easy to update and add lots of informations in a little time. Therefore I decided to make some videos from my allday. Videos are easy ways to tell something and they are also more comprehensible. I don’t have a very high quality video camera, so I can’t offer you HD videos.

Munich is a big city and there are lots of things to tell. I can’t write everything but I can make more videos than I can write. First videos will be available in next month. Your Munich Guide for Students (Munich89) will always have more content. So keep in touch…

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Housing Referral Service Moved

Housing Referral Service is a very helpful service from Munich Student Union. They bring you and landlord together, who wants to rent their room or flat to students. They have a very big list of offers. If you’re in Munich, you can go there in person and ask for an actual printed list. So you don’t have to fulfill some online registration procedures.

The office of housing referral service was in Student Union in Schwabing (U3-U6 Giselastr.), but they moved. Hier is the new contact information of the office:

Address: Helene-Mayer-Ring 9, 80809 M√ľnchen (U3 Olympiazentrum)
Tel: +49 89 357135 -20/-26
Fax: +49 89 357135 -61
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00-14:00, Thurs 15:00-18:00

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Administrative Offices of Munich Student Union

Munich Student Union has 6 administrative offices. Four of them in Munich, one in Freising and the last one in Rosenheim. If you’ll study in Munich, the office in Rosenheim is not the one for you. You can check the offices in Munich. Freising is also far away from Munich. All these offices are reponsible for some of the student unions’ dorm in Munich. You should also know which office is responible for which dorms. An Office can’t give you a room from a dormitory of anouther offices. Let’s take a look at the informationen (opening hours, address and dorms) of these offices:
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Kardinal-Wendel-Kolleg Dormitory closed due to sanitation

Hi everyone,

I also will write about the private dormitories in this blog. The Kardinal-Wendel-Kolleg Dormitory will be closed after 30.09.2011 because of the sanitation. After this time the building won’t be used as a dormitory. So you can remove this dormitory from your list.

You can read the official announcement from their website.

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Hello world (or Munich)!

I don’t like to delete articles. So i’m gonna edit this welcome message. Welcome to the Munich89. This blog is a kind of guide for international students, who study or want to study in Munich. Munich is a great city, but if you’re new here and want to stay for some time, you need some information to survive :)

In this blog, I will write some articles about living in Munich. These articles will help you for example to find an accomandation, explore the city or to buy the right ticket. I’m planning you to help your orientation in Munich. There is a lack of information in internet. There are lots of websites about Munich in internet, but none of them shows the right things. As a full time international student in Munich, I’ll share my experince with you.

Don’t forget to add this blog to your bookmarks.

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